The Jes Foord Foundation

I was so very fortunate to have worked really closely with this foundation who work to make a difference in the lives of rape survivors all around South Africa.

Jes Foord’s whole life changed following her traumatic gang rape by four men. Jes’s story is both moving and inspirational. Her courage and strength of purpose in the face of a horrific crime has resulted in something truly good coming out of something very bad. It is an honour to have worked with her personally and her passionate team who throughout their own tragedies have still found hope and purpose and a path through their own pain in order to help others.

“On a hot Sunday afternoon in March 2008, Jes and her father Tim went to Shongweni Dam to walk their dogs at one of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s more peaceful beauty spots. They were surprised by a group of men who beat and tied Tim up before forcing him to watch the brutal gang rape of his daughter.” – read the story

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