Self Investment in Business or Life

Nadia VD Mescht Jaimi Shields Cape Town

Nadia & Jaimi at High Tea, Wynberg


Social Media can be special in that it creates relationships, enables a client to establish trust in a person or service and when opportunity arises you can then match up service to client. I have followed what Nadia VD Mescht does for years, I eventually met her a few years back in Durban where she briefly spoke at Digital Day 2013, a Digital Media conference at Factory Cafe.

Recently I saw a post on Nadia’s facebook page that she would be visiting Cape Town for Decorex and that she was offering one-on-one sessions for creative business owners. I snapped up the opportunity!

It’s positive posts like this one that have always attracted me to the work Nadia does with creatives and their businesses, we spoke at length about what you project and how you can focus on your dreams to make your business to work. I highly recommend a session with Nadia if you can make it happen.

To get in touch with Nadia pop her an email or visit her website.