Superfood Frenzy at Ginger & Lime food studio

Nathalie Larsen Earth to Plate Superfood Health Holistic

Join Nathalie Larsen on her plant based living cuisine adventure this May at Ginger & Lime food studio. Earth to Plate is a celebration of whole foods in their purest, most divine form straight from the earth to your plate. The creator Nathalie Larsen is a Personalised Chef & Holistic Nutrition, Health Foods Consultant.

Nathalie is a chef who’s intentions are pure! With a passion for healthy, honest, clean cuisine she aims to inspire you to get back in the kitchen where the real magic happens. Let’s live better and feel better by eating better. Follow her adventures on Instagram @Earth_2_Plate

When: Tues, 24 May from 6:30 (pax 20)
Where: Ginger & Lime food studio in Fresnaye, Cape Town
Contact: / Kim 072 0411038

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