Before i go – messages for your loved ones

Imagine if you could record a single or multiple voice or video messages intended for your loved ones and that these will only be released after you have died.

You may think, wow, this is an awkward subject, this death thing is a bit weird. True – it is touchy for most but is it not better to prepared for that moment in time. Too many of us have suddenly lost someone close to us in a freak accident and it is becoming all to common to lose young friends and family to random diseases.

I am still in my late twenties and have no intention of bailing on this adventure called life, just yet, but what if something happens – will the people that matter know just what I wanted to say to them. That is why I am very taken by the start up before i go and their reasons for initiating this one of a kind service website.

The age old adage “in order to get something done, it is best to begin” is so true. So I implore you to sign up for your free account and record your first message as soon as possible. Upgrading your account is easy and inexpensive and the annual fee can easily be absorbed into the investments that you are making to secure your family in the future.

# Watch the intro video by Jacques (founder):
# Sign up on with a few simple steps
# Think about what you would love to say
# Record your message for free

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